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About Jenn...
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About Jenn...

Jenn August C.H., C.L.S.C. is the Co-founder of Beyond Limits Life Coaching Institute. She is a certified success coach & hypnotherapist and international speaker.  Her powerful combination of coaching and mindset work has helped her coaching clients, double, triple and quadruple their income and relieve fear, doubt and feelings of unworthiness.
Through her work, she helps her clients see their true selves, their true gifts and their true mission so they can begin to live a life of clear purpose and abundance.

She’s discovered that every single person has a special mission and a gift to share. She loves working with people who want to use the medium of business to live their mission, improve people’s lives and fulfill their greatest potential. Jenn helps her clients transform their greatest challenges into their greatest successes. Teaching them how to break down any problem and turn it into profit.

She believes everyone can succeed in building a wildly successful coaching practice if they commit to the journey, be compassionate with themselves and never give up.

As long as Jenn has been helping coaches succeed in business she has been teaching them how to be effective coaches that get their clients concrete results. She saw a pattern of clients who started working with her after spending thousands and thousands of dollars on coaching certification programs and still had no coaching confidence. Without it it’s nearly impossible to grow a successful coaching business. After teaching thousands of her clients how to be powerful effective coaches and business owners, word got out about her proprietary coaching method.

Happy clients told their friends about her coaching methods and it started a choir of people asking her to open up her coaching training method to the public. Since Jenn always listens to what her audience what’s next she opened Beyond Limits Life Coaching Institute. Where people can be activated into their coaching confidence and intuition and get certified from a two day live video conferencing event. The results have been staggering with grad proclaiming that they felt like they really understood not only how to help clients gets results but felt they tapped into their deep knowing and inner coaching confidence.

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